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How To Install Ubuntu On USB Drive

Download Ubuntu Image From the Ubuntu Website.

1. Plug your USB disk into your computer’s USB drive. Make sure
your computer recognizes the USB disk before proceeding.

2. To launch USB Startup Disk Creator, choose System ▸ Administration
USB Startup Disk Creator.

3. Under Source Disk Image click the Other... button and specify
the Ubuntu image you downloaded in the previous step. If you are creating the USB disk from a Live CD, insert the Live CD and USB Startup Disk Creator will automatically recognize it.

4. Under USB Disk to use your USB disk is highlighted. If you have more than one item in the list, select the USB disk you want to use for your Live USB.

5. To make the Live USB a writeable disk, indicate how much memory to use for extra storage. If you don’t want the Live USB to be modifiable, select the second option, Discarded on Shutdown.

6. Click Make Startup Disk to make a Live USB.USB Startup Disk Creator will erase any data on the USB disk. Back up any files you don’t want delete.

7. On many modern PCs that are configured to allow USB boot, you should be able to just restart the machine with the USB drive plugged in and Ubuntu should boot straight from it!.

8. It’s a nice simple way to have a copy of Ubuntu in your pocket, wherever you go.

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